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     Our company, NVOIS (pronounced 'invoice'), opened our doors in 1993. Our first product was VetRex, a software solution for Veterans Service Officers, used to prepare and keep track of claims for veterans applying for benefits from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. We were deeply interested in this subject as our principles were ourselves disabled veterans. Having had years of experience dealing with the VA, and being VA Accredited Veterans Service Officers, we were uniquely qualified to prepare a software solution consisting of extensive reference materials, the myriad of VA forms that change constantly, and a database system that records the tremendous amount of information required of veterans when filing claims for the benefits they are entitled to. Our VetRex solution quickly became the leader in it's field. Most veterans service officers are unpaid volunteers or county service offices without a large budget. VetRex was priced so that these service officers would at last be provided with a quality product that could be obtained with the small budgets they have to operate with. VetRex and its companion product, The Veterans Service Officers Bookshelf, was an instant hit and still remains our flagship product.

     Following our success with VetRex, we expanded our software operations to include custom programming of database systems for businesses which we continue today. We then moved into Information Management primarily for those that deal with federal government laws, rules and regulations. Since this requires constant updating, it is a tremendous burden on those who depend on current information to do the updating themselves. As federal departments and agencies are continually changing the regulations that businesses must comply with, we do the updating for them, leaving them to have the current information they require available at the click of a mouse. Our expertise in delivering this information has made us a leader in the field. We can quickly design and produce an Information Management solution that will handle the needs of your business.

     The devastation of Hurricane Katrina taught us that one can never be over prepared to deal with the aftermath of natural disasters. We spent a lot of time searching for supplies to store in the event we would need them for the next hurricane, tornado, terrorist attack or financial collapse that might occur. We have developed contacts in the Emergency Survival Field and have located many hard to find necessities and products to weather almost any disaster that might happen. We have made these available to our friends and customers at some of the best prices to be found anywhere. We serve as suppliers and consultants to companies and individuals that are looking for a reliable source for survival equipment and long term food storage. We invite you to see what we have to offer in this emerging field.

     It's a fact that the buying power of the American Dollar has decreased more than twenty-five percent since the year 2000. We invite you to visit the Federal Reserve Bank and spend a few minutes using their "What is a dollar worth?" feature to see just how bad inflation really is. You can see more evidence of this at Forecast-Chart.com. Because of the Government bailouts and the Federal Reserve's printing of money by the billions with nothing to back it up, we feel that we will soon see hyper-inflation that will destroy the buying power of the dollar. We are a precious metals broker offering Gold and Silver American Eagle coins and Silver Rounds as a hedge against inflation. You see television commercials everyday offering the lowest Gold and Silver prices. We consistantly beat their prices since we aren't paying for all that expensive advertising. We invite you to ask us for a quote. We can't publish our prices because precious metal prices change by the hour but we'll be happy to give you a quote by phone or email. Be sure to visit the Precious Metals section of our website to see what we have to offer.

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